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Catering industry made a positive contribution to economic growth. In in the early 90 century, the rapid development of the catering industry, increasing scale, its fast growth rate, long duration is no other industry.

2 provides a large number of employment opportunities, conducive to social stability. Employment is a serious problem facing the current and future economic and social development of our country, the fundamental way out for the expansion of employment is to develop the economy, is the main way of the development of the service sector, although service technique content catering industry is relatively low, in economic and social contribution cannot be compared with high-tech industries, but it has the advantage of labor intensive, is an important channel for employment.

3 is conducive to speed up China's pace of building a moderately prosperous society. Man is iron, rice is a steel, is always a big thing to eat, has play a decisive role in the status, beneficial to the people's livelihood in today, people are no longer satisfied to eat, wear warm, eat well, dress well, live well, play well, have become well-off standard pursuit of many people in mind.

4 on the related industries have the very strong impetus function. The prosperity of the industry on the development of local economy, have promoted the increase of resident income, can speed up the farming, aquaculture, processing industry, handicraft industry and other industry specialization, modernization.